3PEA Enters into Card Issuance Sponsorship Agreement with Monterey County Bank.

LAS VEGAS, July 26 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — 3PEA International, Inc. , a payment
solutions company, announced today it has signed a three year agreement with
Monterey County Bank for card issuance sponsorship and has commenced issuance of
over Three Million Six Hundred Thousand Prepaid debit cards that have been added to
the ever expanding 3PEA card management system.

Under the Agreement, Monterey County Bank (MCB) will be the issuing bank for select
3PEA International prepaid card programs running on various networks including
NYCE® and Pulse®. 3PEA will work closely with MCB on the implementation of
existing, and the development of future card programs.

“3PEA is pleased to participate in a marketing relationship with MCB”, said Mark
Newcomer, President of 3PEA International. “3PEA is excited to work with Monterey
County Bank to extend our penetration into the prepaid card market. We look forward to
building and marketing unique new 3PEA card programs and programs for our clients”.

Currently 3PEA is providing issuing services utilizing a 3PEA BIN, 3PEA card
management system and data processing services for multiple prepaid card programs,
including several in the Pharmaceutical industry. These Rx card programs tie the
financial and healthcare adjudication processes together, have the support of the
national banking, electronic payment and pharmacy networks, and pay the pharmacist
at the point of sale. The cards have no value or money on them when distributed, and
can be used only when presented to pharmacists with a valid prescription. When

patients pick up their Rx, the patient swipes the card through a point-of-sale terminal,
enters their PIN, and the money comes off the card. This offers instant payment to the
pharmacist helping them to alleviate inadequate reimbursement levels and slow
payment, which is a problem endemic to pharmacies across the country.

Mark Newcomer added that “3PEA is pleased to be involved with the implementation of
this invaluable technology and is eager to assist our clients in gaining traction into
multiple verticals, such as health insurance plans, government programs and beyond,
by providing them with efficient multi- tiered services”.

3PEA International recently created a division to position the company to take
advantage of opportunities in the growing area of prepaid debit cards. 3PEA is
aggressively developing and marketing prepaid gift cards, general spend cards,
healthcare related programs, payroll solutions, and other specialized prepaid debit card
programs targeting vertical markets.

Andre G. Herrera, CIO and Senior Vice President of Bankcard Services for Monterey
County Bank, said, “We are very pleased to have 3PEA join us as one of our marketing
partners. 3PEA brings to this relationship unique pre-paid card programs and we
welcome the opportunity to establish a card sponsor relationship.”

About Monterey County Bank. 

Monterey County Bank was chartered by the California State Banking Department in
August 1976, and first opened its doors for business in May 1977. Monterey County
Bank has branches located primarily on the Monterey Peninsula and provides support
of STAR®, Pulse®, NYCE®, VISA®, Plus®, MasterCard®, Maestro®, and Cirrus® card

About 3PEA International, Inc. 

3PEA International, Inc. is an experienced and trusted transaction-based solutions
provider. 3PEA designs and develops payment solutions, prepaid card systems, and

various payment services. 3PEA’s wholly owned subsidiary, 3PEA Technologies, Inc.,
also develops and designs the PayPad®, a proprietary payment terminal, as well as
designing and developing a proprietary secure key loading system. 3PEA provides
creative online PIN-Debit payment solutions along with turnkey and customized
payment services to retailers, software developers, and financial services companies.

Utilizing PayPad payment terminals and IP payment gateway solutions, 3PEA can
quickly and cost effectively help customers in various markets to payment enable their
applications. 3PEA works closely with its customers providing qualified payment
expertise to produce a payment processing solution that best suits their needs.
PINsmart®, PaySign™, 3PEA® and PayPad® are registered trademarks or trademarks
of 3PEA Technologies, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries.

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