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Decrease the administrative burdens and costs associated with disbursing funds through paper checks.

Paysign Disbursement Solutions:

  • Accelerate disbursement
  • Save time
  • Limit expenses

Paysign Payout Card

These efficient cards are ideal for paying vendors, fulfilling consumer incentives, and showing appreciation to donors.

Paysign Payout Cards also:

  • Eliminate the labor-intensive tasks of cutting checks, handling petty cash, and using corporate credit cards
  • Limit card value to eliminate overspending
  • Reduce risks associated with cash management and expense reimbursement
  • Track spending in real time

Paysign Insurance Claims Payout Card

Perfect for insurers seeking to eliminate the time and expense of producing paper checks for claims settlement.

Paysign 1099 Payout Card

The ideal solution for the gig economy.  Pay freelancers and contract employees with reloadable cards and remove the cost and burden of paper checks.

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