LAS VEGAS, March 2 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — 3PEA International, Inc. , a payment
solutions company, announced today the availability of its PayPad EFT Link Solution.

3PEA International, Inc., is pleased to announce its PayPad EFT Link Solution. The
Windows based Client/Server software components are designed to enable customers
to process PayPad(R) Transactions through their own payment processing connections
using a simple thin client model. The PayPad EFT Link Solution targets companies
looking for a turn-key solution to deploy large numbers of PayPad payment terminals
quickly and cost-effectively.

The PayPad EFT Link Client ActiveX Control loaded into a web page receives simple
object parameter tags for processing from the customer application, and after receiving
the magnetic stripe track data and encrypted PIN block from the PayPad payment
terminal, submits the XML transaction message over a secure connection (SSL) to the
PayPad EFT Link Server.

The PayPad EFT Link Server is a multi-threaded windows server application that can
receive transactions for any number of merchants on a single system, with all activity
logged to an SQL database. Processor connectivity has been segmented from the
server application so that multiple payment processor connectivity can be supported.
The PayPad EFT Link Server currently supports one major processor, with support for
other processors expected in the near future. The server also has built-in scrubbing
features such as a banned card, banned terminal and banned IP address features for
wider control of deployed PayPad payment terminals and card activity for the acquirer.

System Requirements: PayPad EFT Link Client ActiveX Control requires Internet
Explorer 6.0 or higher. PayPad EFT Link Server requires Microsoft Windows 2003
Server, SQL Server 2000 and Internet Information Server (IIS) 6. PayPad® is a USB

based peripheral device which incorporates an MSR (Magnetic Stripe Reader), EPP
(Encrypting PINPad) and Smart Card (Integrated Circuit Card) Reader. The new version
includes an LCD (16×2) screen, enhanced tamper features to meet PCI compliance,
and designed to be a handheld POS device.

For further information about the PayPad EFT Link Solution or a demonstration, contact
the company for details.

About 3PEA International, Inc. 

3PEA International, Inc., through its wholly owned subsidiary 3PEA Technologies, Inc.,
designs and develops payment solutions including proprietary payment terminals,
secure key loading systems, prepaid card systems, and various payment services.
Since 2001, 3PEA has provided online payment solutions with specific focus in the area
of PIN-Debit transactions. The company now provides turnkey and customized payment
services to retailers, software developers and financial services companies.

Using its PayPad payment terminals and IP payment gateway solutions, 3PEA can
quickly and cost effectively help customers in various markets to payment enable their
applications. 3PEA works closely with its customers providing qualified payment
expertise to produce a payment processing solution that best suits their needs.
PINsmart®, PaySign™, 3PEA® and PayPad® are registered trademarks or
trademarks of 3PEA Technologies, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries.
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Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

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