It’s no secret that you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. In the realm of business, this old saying means that people are more motivated by rewards than consequences. When dealing with customers, building a relationship of trust and rapport is essential to the longevity of the relationship.

That’s why corporate rewards and incentives that employers and businesses can depend upon are so vital.
Paysign fills this need with our Corporate Incentive Solutions. These network-branded (Visa, Mastercard, and Discover) prepaid card solutions are changing the way corporations reward, motivate, and engage their current and potential customers, employees, and agents.

Many Fortune 500 companies, large multinationals, prestigious universities, and social media companies have relied on Paysign to conceptualize, develop, and manage their prepaid card programs which are designed to meet increasingly complex business challenges, such as how to motivate and incentivize customers and employees.

“These solutions are both easy and efficient to implement and manage,” said Paysign Chief Product Officer, Matt Lanford. “We craft custom, individualized reward solutions designed to specifically meet the needs of the customer.”

Paysign Reward Cards provide real incentives and energize participants to achieve their goals and program objectives.

“Our unique program design creates solutions that fit your schedule and can be ready to go in weeks, not months,” Lanford said. “We also offer solutions that deliver rewards virtually via users’ digital devices for those that prefer virtual rewards versus physical cards.”

Additionally, our rewards programs ensure positive reward experiences without becoming an unnecessary burden on internal resources, offer speedy ramp-up and launch schedules, and deliver valuable insight into customer and employee behavior.

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