Paysign has an important update regarding the pending CMS Rule for 2023. Today, May 17, 2022, Judge Carl Nichols of the Washington D.C. Circuit Court vacated and set aside the accumulator adjustment rule of 2020. This is a huge win for patients and our pharmaceutical manufacturer partners. A copy of this ruling can be reviewed and downloaded here. The question that still remains is whether an appeal will be filed by the U.S. government and what impact that appeal could have.

We know that many of our communications over the last month have been related to the pending changes and our unique approach to addressing this issue. Paysign would love to continue our conversations and shift topics to the tailored patient affordability products that can meet your current and future needs. We are confident that our unique approach and innovative technologies will continue to offer our clients the highest level of protection as it relates to the financial impacts that copay accumulators and maximizers have on our pharmaceutical partners now, in 2023, and beyond.