At the height of the American COVID-19 outbreak, plasma donation has become one of the sources for a potential cure, and collection sites are busier than ever. But long before the pandemic, plasma collection was a booming business. According to the Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association (PPTA), in 2019 there were more than 53.5M plasma collections performed in the U.S in over 850 plasma centers.

Paysign is proud to boast of a long and storied history as a solutions provider for the industry. Every story has a beginning, and ours started in 2011 when we discovered so many collection entities were struggling to find quality solutions, even with several big players monopolizing the field.

Within a noticeably short space of time, Paysign became a premier solutions provider in the industry, offering services that both streamlined and elevated the customer payments experience. By late 2011, we had developed an exclusive relationship with a series of collection centers owned by the same company.

Still being somewhat new to space, we quickly recognized the uniqueness of the field and dedicated our efforts to learning the intricacies of the plasma collection industries. More specifically, we focused on creating solutions that would meet the needs of, not only our clients but of the plasma collection industry as a whole.

By 2014, Paysign was ready to offer industry solutions with customizable value-added services focused on the main objectives of increasing donor frequency and donor retention. Our first value add was providing an in-center kiosk, where donors could check their account history and balance, as well as locate the nearest surcharge-free ATM. Not only did this help increase overall donor satisfaction, but it removed the burden placed on center staff to answer card-related questions.

Today, Paysign works with more than 10 national plasma collection companies and their subsidiaries. Paysign’s ability to customize programs, provide innovative value-added services, coupled with our knowledge of the plasma industry space as a longtime associate member of the Plasma Protein Therapy Association (PPTA) allows us to work with each client to provide a customized program designed to address their unique needs.

Our customized Paysign prepaid card programs provide a smooth, fully integrated solution. Paysign’s payment solutions have been used to reimburse expenses in many prestigious university clinical trials, and to encourage repeat donations at plasma donor networks.

As a committed and experienced provider in the space, Paysign has built a reputation as a dynamic thought leader and dedicated solutions creator. Curious how we can help your plasma donation operation? Visit to learn more.