DALLAS — DALLAS, Feb. 24 /PRNewswire/ — Paymentech, North America’s premier
payment solutions provider, announced today that it has teamed with 3Pea
Technologies to deliver an Internet PIN-based debit solution for Internet merchants.

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3Pea’s PayPad® is a PIN-debit POS (Point-of-Sale) terminal, functionally the same as
PIN-debit terminals found at brick and mortar retail locations. The two major differences
between the PayPad and traditional PIN terminals are price and design. PayPads are
expected to retail to end consumers for approximately US $50. Internet merchants and
other purchasers can expect significant discounts per unit based on volume. The
PayPad is designed for in-home use, it will seamlessly integrate through a USB
connection on the home computer, and includes a standard smart card reader. The
PayPad is compliant with EFT guidelines surrounding security for real-time debit for
Internet purchases.

“One opinion in the industry is that consumers will not be prepared to pay for PINPad
terminals in their homes,” said Daniel Spence, President and Chief Technical Officer for
3Pea Technologies. “We have heard from Internet consumers that they would gladly
purchase a reasonably priced piece of equipment that would help protect their privacy
and identity Online.”

Keith Towne, Director of Channel Development at Paymentech added: “Paymentech
strives to provide secure reliable electronic payment options for all of our clients.
Certifying PayPads brings us one step closer to eliminating fraud over the Internet.”

In December 2002, the Gartner Group released a survey of the top 25 Internet
merchants with regards as to how they are currently paid and how they would prefer to

be paid. While 3% of Internet transactions are currently being paid by PIN-less debit
with a preferred rate of 5%, only 1% of transactions are being paid by PIN-based debit
with a preferred rate of 18%. These statistics indicate a market that is not being
addressed with existing Internet Payment solutions. The PayPad powered by
Paymentech specifically addresses this market.

About Paymentech 

Dallas-based Paymentech delivers secure and reliable payment service in merchant
acquiring and point-of-sale transaction processing with a wide array of product
functionality and support. Paymentech (http://www.paymentech.com/) processed
approximately 4.2 billion total transactions and $123 billion in bankcard sales volume in
2002. Founded in 1985, Paymentech is North America’s premier processor and acquirer
of credit card transactions.

About 3Pea Technologies 

Located in Torrance, CA, 3Pea Technologies (https://paysign.com/) develops products
and services that facilitate PIN-based POS/ATM debit transactions over the Internet.
3Pea’s products allow Payment Processors/Acquirers, Banks, Telecommunications
Providers and Internet Merchants to provide solutions that support securely
authenticated, non-repudiation, real-time Internet debit transactions. 3Pea’s premier
product PayPad(R) has received certifications from Microsoft Windows Hardware
Quality Labs (WHQL 2000), USB 1.1 and EMV (Europay, Mastercard and Visa) Level 1.

For additional information:
Daniel Spence
310-533-5010 ext 226
Tonya Williams