HENDERSON, Nev.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Paysign, Inc. (NASDAQ: PAYS), a vertically integrated provider of innovative prepaid card programs and processing services for corporate, consumer,Paysign reports second-quarter Results and government applications, today reported financial results for the second quarter ended June 30, 2020.

“During this pandemic, we have been focused first and foremost on the safety of our employees while supporting the business continuity needs of our customers. While our financial results were significantly impacted by the economic slowdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we executed well, and are confident that this second quarter will prove to be the most challenging,” said Mark Newcomer, Chief Executive Officer, Paysign. “We are confident that we will emerge from this pandemic related slowdown a stronger company and resume a trajectory of growth. To this point, we continued to expand our footprint in the Plasma collection space. Late in the second quarter, we began onboarding an expected total of 49 plasma and blood collection centers with go-lives to be completed by the early fourth quarter. In addition to these 49 centers, we have successfully onboarded 104 plasma centers in support of a client’s business continuity plan. Our pipeline remains robust, strengthened by changes in the competitive landscape. We continue to take actions to navigate the near-term challenges presented by the pandemic, while innovating for our customers, launching new products, and investing for the future to deliver long-term value for our shareholders.”

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