Blood Donation Center

HemaCenter is a blood donation center located in South Miami, FL, that is a wholly owned subsidiary of OrganaBio LLC. HemaCenter has spent years in the regenerative medicine and pharmaceutical industries as medical researchers and lab technicians and is driven by a personal mission to improve the human experience and condition.

HemaCenter takes donations of leukocytes, found in the white blood cells, which are used to accelerate the development of life-saving treatments for blood disorders, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, and cancer. Leukapheresis, the process used to collect leukocytes, is a U.S. FDA approved automated machine that separates out diverse blood components. White blood cells are collected, while the remaining blood is returned back to the body. This process can be time-consuming; however, it is safe and specially trained medical staff is always on-site.

Donor compensation funds are loaded on a Paysign prepaid debit card that can be used wherever Visa is accepted. Donors are compensated for all visits, including screening visits and donation visits. As Paysign cardholders, donors can also enjoy value-added benefits like a convenient mobile app, cash back rewards, prescription discounts, and much more. We are happy that HemaCenter chose us as their donor compensation program provider.

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