Paysign's New Addition to Plasma Donation Center Clientele

Life Plasma is a plasma donation center located in Berks County, PA, with more locations opening soon in Montgomery County and Chester County Pennsylvania. Life Plasma allows eligible donors to give blood plasma for life-saving medical therapies, while offering them financial compensation for their time. Life Plasma’s focus is to inspire more people to donate plasma by making it safe and gratifying, as their donations are helping patients whose lives depend on plasma reliant therapies.

Donors compensation funds are loaded on a Paysign prepaid debit card that can be used wherever Visa is accepted. As Paysign cardholders, donors also enjoy value-added benefits like a convenient mobile app, cash back rewards, prescription discounts, and much more. We are happy that Life Plasma chose us as their donor compensation program provider.

Life Plasma is regulated by the U.S. FDA and follows current industry standards when it comes to donor screening, collection, storage, and shipping of plasma to guarantee the highest levels of purity.

To learn more about Life Plasma, visit