Paysign Pharmacy Discount Program

Our article, “Raising the Bar: Paysign’s Pharmacy Discount Program,” appears in the latest issue of The Source Magazine, PPTA’s official magazine of the plasma protein therapeutics industry. This article details the Paysign Pharmacy Discount Program and how it is a beneficial addition for both plasma donors and plasma centers. Read the full article below:

By Alan Geiger, Director of Relationship Management, Paysign, Inc.

Here at Paysign, a well-established donor payments provider to the plasma collection industry, we’re known for our innovative and versatile donor compensation solutions, which are packed with benefits for cardholders, such as cash back rewards, digital bank accounts, and a full-service mobile app. The latest addition is the Paysign Pharmacy Discount Card, a new value-added benefit for plasma donors.

The pharmacy discount card is remarkably beneficial even for those with health insurance or Medicare. Many insurance plans have high deductibles or limited formularies that don’t cover the cost of drugs, leading to high out-of-pocket expenses.

The pharmacy discount card can be used instead of insurance any time it offers a better prescription price than insurance coverage, allowing donors to save up to 80% on prescription drugs at most U.S. pharmacies.

We’re proud to offer this new discount program to serve both donors who have not been able to afford pricy medications or an underinsured, as well as our plasma clients, offering them one more differentiator to help increase loyalty and retention. We consistently strive to create solutions that will not only fill a need, but also set our clients apart.

Companies interested in adding the Paysign Pharmacy Discount Card to their donor compensation program may contact us by emailing or by calling 702.749.7279. To learn more about Paysign, visit

To view the article in The Source Magazine Winter 2021 Issue, click here and scroll to page 35.